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Most Expensive Flowers in the World

Juliet rose.

 This  flower's cost is 30 cores is it ! ya this is true. the rose is  to be  released at the flowers exhibition  to the public some time ago . some times  known as  30 cores in a auction. David  Austin who is creator of this flower in his garden after over  15 years of intensive breeding and named Juliet rose. 

Gold of Kinabalu orchid 


The extremely rare flower's cost is nearly 4 lacs and it takes time up to 15 years   to  flower, just one stem at a time. The endangered flower  can be found in Kinabalu islands of Malaysia and it blooms only between  April and May.It is also called  the  Gold of Kinabalu

 Kadupul Flower

The flower is rare and so frill that only blooms  in few hours , blossoming  just before midnight and perishing  during  the sun rise.The  flower native to the mountain areas of Srilanka. The flower emits strange fragrance.No one has yet been able to remove the flower from its stem. It is completely priceless.

Saffron Crocus

  Saffron crocus  which is the most expensive  spice in the world, can use as  medicine and yellow dye. It is the dried stigma ( which is also called thread)  of the crocus flower. It was first cultivated in Greece.
 The Indian Saffron  which is Kashmir Mogra   is the world's finest saffron.
 Nearly 75,000 blossoms are needed to make a single pound of saffron. for this reason, the  price of saffron may range

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

  By  the result of eight years research in agriculture is Shenzhen Nongke Orchid flower, It blossoms once in 5 years. The flower was sold at auction nearly 1core 25 lac's in 2005 

Parrot flower

The flower petals  shape resembles a  parrot in flight and  are  in shades of pale lilac,reddish purple,and white .It is found in northern Thailand  (near Chiang Mai) Myanmar and in the north-east Indian state of Manipur.


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 Parrot flower,Impatiens psittacina or  parrot balsam was discovered by a British official  A.H . Hildebrand, in the shan states of upper Burma
re shades of pale lilac, reddish purple, and white
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re shades of pale lilac, reddish purple, and white
re shades of pale lilac, reddish purple, and white
re shades of pale lilac, reddish purple, and white

pink lake hillier

The natural marvel  Lake Hillier, which appears a solid bubble gum pink from above and surrounded by dense woodland  of  paperbark and eucalyptus trees with sand dunes is  on middle island on the Recherche Archipelago in south -west coast of western Austral ,near Cape Arid.

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This saline lake is 600 meters long and separated by a narrow strip of land from the ocean.  The color of water is retained when take in a container.Lake  Hillier maintains the pink shade always. It has high salt concentration

It was first discovered  by  Matthew Flinders, a British navigator and hydrographer in 1802. The lake is one of the natural wonders of Australia.

Like lake Hillier. the Lake Retba (Senegal),Hutt Lagoon (Australia) ,Pink lake (Australia) ,Salina de Torrevieja (Spain),Dusty Rose Lake (Canada),Masazirgol or Masazir Lake(azeerbaijan) and Quairading Pink Lake (Australia)  are also  pink in color

Giraffe Weevil

1. Trachelophorus giraffa or the Giraffe Weevil is a species confined to Madagascar,a large island off the east coast of Africa.. 
2.  Its extended neck that rises up above its carapace gave it its name'Giraffe' weevil.
2. The male has a neck longer than that of a female.
4. Males use their extended neck to fight for the right to mate with a female.
5.  The total body length of the males is just under an inch (2.5 cm), among the longest for any weevil species.
6. The "giraffe beetle tree," (Dichaetanthera arborea) also found only in Madagascar is the host tree of this weevil. It provides both home and diet for the giraffe weevil.
7. These are not dangerous to humans.
8. This species was discovered recently in Madagascar in 2008.

Great Fathers

A. Emperor Penguin
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1. The female lays a single egg, which is incubated by the male while the female returns to the sea to feed for 2 months.
2. After laying, the mother's nutritional reserves are exhausted and she very carefully transfers the egg to the male.
3. The male spends the winter incubating the egg in his brood pouch, balancing it on the tops of his feet, not allowing it to touch the ground, for 64 consecutive days until hatching.
4.  The Emperor Penguin is the only species where this behaviour is observed; in all other penguin species both parents take shifts incubating. By the time the egg hatches, the male will have fasted for around 115 days since arriving at the colony.
5. To survive the cold and winds of up to 200 km/h, the males huddle together, taking turns in the middle of the huddle. The male is solely responsible for incubating the egg, which takes about 65 days. During this time, the male birds brave fierce weather conditions by huddling together.
6. They have also been observed with their backs to the wind to conserve body heat. In the four months of travel, courtship, and incubation, the male may lose as much as 20 kg, from around 38 kg to just 18 kg.
7. If the chick hatches before the mother's return, the father feeds it a curd-like substance composed of 59% protein and 28% lipid, which is produced by a gland in his esophagus.

B. Greater Rhea

1. Males are sedentary, attending the nests and taking care of incubation and the hatchlings all on their own.
2. Recent evidence has shown that some males will utilize subordinate males to help incubate and protect the eggs.
Rinc√≥n del Socorro, Corrientes, Argentina; 5 January 2012 © Francisco Piedrahita

3. Giant Water Bug

The Giant Water Bug also shows paternal care. The eggs are laid on the male's wings and carried until they hatch. The male cannot mate during this period. The males invest considerable time and energy in reproduction and females take the role of actively finding males to mate. It has been named 'Father of the Year' 2009.
Image credit: Gerald and Buff Corsi, Visuals Unlimited

Sugar Painting

1. Sugar Painting is a traditional folk art in China.
2. In this kind of painting, they use hot, liquid sugar (as used in preparing candies) to create two dimensional figures.
3. Mostly children love these sugar painting snacks.

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4. Hot sugar, in its liquid form, is spread on a marble or metallic platform using a ladle to create various shapes and designs as asked by the customer.
5. First, the outlines of the figure are drawn and then the filling part is done. The outline of the design is done using thick sugar.
6. Outlines are joined by supporting strands in various forms like zig-zags, swirls and other likewise patterns.
7.  Finally, when completed, a thin wooden stick, used to hold the figure, is attached in two or more places with more sugar.
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8. Then, while still warm and pliable, figure is removed from the surface using a spatula-like tool, and is sold to the waiting customer, or placed on display.
9. Customers usually select a figure by spinning the arrow on a wheel which will randomly land on popular figures as a dragon, fish, monkey, dog, bird, or flower basket.
9. Visiting temple fairs is one of the greatest ways to enjoy Spring Festival in Beijing. Here's where you can witness the Sugar Painting Art too.
10. When making sugar paintings one should pay great attention to the flowing speed and depth the sugar liquid.
11. The painting should be done swiftly and deftly in case the liquid should curdle after the cooling process.

Eternal Flame Falls

1. The Eternal Flame Falls is a small waterfall in the Shale Creek Preserve, a section of the Chestnut Ridge Park in New York.
2.  A small chamber under the waterfall produces natural gas, which keeps the flame alight.
3. Scientists have been thinking that the eternal flame was kept alight by gas produced by ancient, extremely hot rocks.
4. A recent study claims that the scientists' belief was wrong. Researchers from Indiana University have discovered that the rocks underneath the Chestnut Ridge County Park aren't hot enough to produce this gas, which means another process is producing the gas that's keeping the flame burning. But they are unsure what that process could be.
5. There are hundreds of 'natural' eternal flames around the world, and each one is thought to be kept alight by natural gas produced from the rocks beneath it.
6. So you see that eternal flames are quite common but the picturesque created by a lone flame under torrents of water make Eternal Flame Falls unique.
7. These falls are special because massive amounts of water around it could not do any harm to the eternally burning flame.