some birds look graceful and some awkward. whether it may be cool or not cool they have their own identification. Birds are really unique.
                              It is  the national bird of GUYANA,  and native of south east. It is poor a flier but it can fly small distance .  the bird is very sociable with cows and sheep etc. Plants, flowers and fruits are its main diet.  These birds can protect  themselves with the help of claws and wings, chicks also protect themselves  from threatening, by  dropping themselves  into water and swim under the surface of the water to escape. They climb trees with the help of claws. These have nick names like 'reptile bird' and 'flying cow' . The bird also called 'stink bird' derived from the its manure- like odour.

                             It is  also called Malay Eagle owl, found in  Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei,cocos Islands.

                              The bird's other name is 'crested screamer' and  in Argentina it is known as 'chaja'.   Native of South America.  Bird Build it's nest on the platform of  aquatic plants near the water. and its main diet is aquatic plants, but sometimes they take insects and small animals also.
                   These are good swimmers . The chicks leave the nest as soon as they hatch, but parent birds care for several weeks.

                             It exists in tropical America and is found mostly dense lowland forests, forest edges and open space of forest. These are nocturnal and insectivorous. Main food is beetle. It lays and incubate a single egg on the  top of the dead branch.

                       When the bird sits on the tree it looks -like a part of the tree ,as It has great plumage which is well suitable for camouflage. It can be positioned  at night through  its large orange eyes which are reflect the light of torches.

                             Native of Asia. They are not found in area of high humidity or rainfall. The  bird loves moon.when the moon rises in the sky, its bends the  neck over backwards to follow it and keeps gazing the moon without blinking until the moon sets.
                    It is  the official bird of Pakistan. It prefers to run more willingly than fly, but if necessary it fly small distance.

                        These are found in Mexico central and south America.They also known as a 'soft billed' bird. They can protect their body from cold  with heat body stress by increasing blood flow. trees hollows are their nests. They  sleep in the holes of tree,if it is not fit in the hole then it makes its body smaller. 
              The bird obtain most of the water from the fruits which they eat.They like banana, grapes, papaya,and apple etc. in the world.

                      These are found in the Andes Mountains of South America and in the rocky mountains of California. It is one of the longest flying bird.  It is nearly 50 inches large and wing span 9 to 10ft . They don't build nest.
Male is bigger than female. They flash a different colour for different moods.They shows the emotional state by using their bald necks and heads. They can travel over 230km to find food.

                        It is a shy bird and found along the eastern coast of Australia and Tasmania. It is worlds best mimic.
         It can mimic not only the sounds and songs of other birds and also imitates sounds of dogs barking and musical instruments.

                                             These birds are wide spread to the mountainous area of central and western China.They are able to fly but  awkward in flight. These are more graceful when they are on the ground.

                        They prefer to run instead of fly,when they scared they move suddenly upwards with distinctive wings sound.

                        These are known as 'six plumed birds' of paradise due to their six head quills.Found in New Guinea.Only female bird take care the young. When they  are in courtship they perform ballerina-like dance to spread out their feathers which look like a 'skirt 'shape on the  forest floor.

                        These birds are found in the western ghats of south India and sri lanka. The eyes of this bird provides binocular vision.They hunt insects at night and resting during day on the branch.They are rarely seen in the day time except it roost sites or when excited. The female hatch the egg at night and male bird during the day.
                        After chick leaves the nest ,the male bird removes the nest and the same branch may be used each year to build a nest.They exchange of the distinctive calls between male and female bird.They can seem weak in flight. it can fly gently at underneath of the thick forest. Their plumage shows sexual dimorphism. Some males look similar to females.

                      It is found in the Mexico cloud forest of Guatemala and central America. It is national bird of Guatemal  and name to the Guatemalan currency  

                       . The bird was important to the Mayas culture, in the ancient Mayas the Quetzal symbolized freedom and wealth ,and modern day mayas are very traditionalist and see the quetzal bird as symbol of their proud way of life. For caring of the beautiful  long tail plumy  the male bird always leaves the tail plumy  outside, when it enters in the nest.,  but female has short tail feathers.

                      It is native to the rain-forests of New Guinea nearby islands and northeastern Australia.It is a large flightless bird,and is the 3rd  largest bird. It is a fast runner able to reach 50km/h and good swimmer too. Birds search for food from sunrise to sunset.The female bird is larger and more brightly coloured than the  male bird.   
                          The male bird incubates the eggs and then takes care of the young, for the female leaves the male after it lays the eggs, and goes off to mate another one.The male fights to protect the chicks from anything.  the bird is very aggressive when defending its nest ,otherwise it is very shy.


                       It is about 4 feet tall and lives on grassy  doesn't appear in densely forested areas.

                        It has an ability to walk quickly rather than flight and can  walk up to 20 miles a day. It attacks  prey with their feet and wings. It also eats the eggs of other birds.         


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