The flying Blue Jay

As we move ahead in our forest (remember it?!) we see a couple of Blue Jays. Ever heard about them? If no... Then read on...

The blue jay, mostly found in the continent if North America especially South Canada & the U.S., is a common sight in backyards & the forests there. The diet of the bird includes acorns, nuts, seeds, small creatures, etc. It is sometimes known to eat eggs or nestlings.

This moderately slow flying bird has a marked crest on its head & a crown of feathers. It may raise or lower its crest according to its mood. It is also a migratory bird.

Quite an intelligent & clever bird, the Blue Jay, chases predatory birds. It is also known to sound an alarm call when hawks or other dangers are near which would alert the other birds. Its unique 'jay-jay' call is remarkable. Blue jays are typically monogamous. A striking feature to note is that male bird feeds the female while she broods the eggs.

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