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as my first post i would like to take you on a tour through the forest.
A peacock at a biological park in southern india

first we happen to see a PEACOCK, the most graceful, elegant, beautiful,...(this list of adjectives won't end it seems) bird. 
much of a peacock's beauty comes from the familiar eyes in its feathers. the blue peacock lives in india and sri lanka while the green peacock's home is java and myanmar. the peacock, which is actually the male, and the peahen eat insects, plants &small creatures.the beauty of a peacock is in its full measure during rain when it appears to be dancing. it should also be noted that a peacock's voice is not as charming as its appearance. It is one of the largest flying birdsbut can fly for small distances only.

you might be wondering what a peacock might have to do with religion. well it has a lot to do my friend.
  1. in hinduism the peacock is the vehicle of God Kartikeya, son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
  2. lord Shri Krishna is known to have apeacock's feather on his head. 
  3. in christian religion, the peacock symbolises circular life& immortality.
  4. to the muslims, this bird's tail represents the whole world, the sun and the moon.
  5. in mioddle eastt, these are pictured on either sides of the tree of life. this symbolises the corrupt and incorrupt sides of humans.
  6. it is regarded as a symbol of fertilty.
  7. it is the solar symbol to the greek.
  8. in china and japan, the peacock is a representation of wealth and status.
  9. the rest of the world views this bird as unlucky, especially the eyes on its feathers. 
  10. in buddhism the bird is a symbol of expansive consciousness.
it has been man's custom to spoil n disturb nature or may be enhance it, if taken otherwise. although wild birds are themselves bursting with vibrant hues., selective breeding has also created some unusual colour combinations.
peacock is the national bird of india and so every indian should be proud of it.

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