the sweet singing scarlet cardinal bird

It is a species of song bird. These are found in the north & the south America. It is the official bird of 7 eastern U.S States. It nests on the dense bushes and small trees. It loves to eat insects, seeds, grains, fruits,etc. but seeds of sunflower are its favorite. They enjoy bird bath under fresh water.
 The male bird sings for two main reasons. One, when it has to attract a mate and another, to notify the other male birds to keep out of his territory. The female birds often respond to the calls of the male bird by singing.The cardinal birds like to mate feed when the spring comes. The pairs remain loyal to their partner until the end of the breeding season. A pair of birds raise up four breeds per year. the female cardinal bird hatches the eggs alone. in the mean time the male bird protects the territory and finds food for himself and his partner. The male and female birds have many visual displays such as 'tail flicks' to signal alarm.These birds, unlike the other northern birds, does not migrate in the autumn. In winter the cardinals gather and settle together but at other times of the year they are quite territorial.

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