Bali Mynah

Bali Mynah, also called myna or Bali starling is one of the world's most endangered species. it is found in the island of Bali in Indonesia .In the wild the bird is exclusively found in Bali Bharat National park which is situated in the west part of Bali. These birds don't show sexual dimorphism.It weighs about 85g. 

Its food comprises of insects, fruits,all types of ants, caterpillars, and other type of insects.these very noisy birds communicate by whistling, squawking and bobbing their heads. 

the Bali myna build its nest in trees. living in small groups in forests, these share their food and protect themselves from predatory birds and animals. a female bird lays 3-4 eggs in a nest of twigs in a hollow or fork of a tree. in the breeding season the male bird is quite aggressive. the chicks fledge by nearly 3 weeks.
it is a frequently caged bird but it is now illegal in Indonesia keeping in view its declining population in the wild. these birds are locally called 'Kedis Putih' meaning white bird.

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