The Kori Bustard is a large African bird belonging to the Bustard family. It utters a thundering sound. Even though it is large and heavy, it has the ability to fly. But it likes to stay mostly on the ground and avoids flying as far as possible. It is often seen walking placidly through grasslands. It often uses running take off while flying.

It feeds on seeds, lizards, insects, small invertebrates and carrion. At times they also eat gum from Acacia trees.

The bee eaters ride on the back of the Kori bustards as they stroll through the grass. These bee eaters hawk insects from the bustard's back.

Kori bustards are polygamous. After the mate the male bird leaves the female to care for the young ones itself. These build nests on the ground. The female bird brings food for the young chicks. it is mostly soft food so that digestion is easier.

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