Bougainvillea Flowers' Beauty

Pink, red, yellow.. I have them all in my backyard. Yeah, these Bougainvillea plants are full-fledged with flowers and are  a beauty to behold. I couldn't stop myself from taking pictures continuously for over half-an-hour. To adore their beauty is a nice past-time in the evenings indeed.

The red variety
These are also called 'paper flowers'.
These grow best in dry soil.

These are the official flowers of certain cities in Taiwan, China, Malayasia, etc.
These are native to South America.

The purple variety

The leaves of the bougainvillea are shaped like little hearts with drip tips at the ends.

These are widely used as ornamental plants.

These are usually evergreen but they are also deciduous depending  upon the climate.

Each set of three flowers is surrounded by a whorl of 6 bracts.

These can be trained easily into various shapes.

The thorny woody wines can grow upto 12 metres

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