Knysna Turaco

Source: Schristia, flickr 
Tauraco corythaix is a spectacular bird found mainly in the evergreen forests of South Africa and Swaziland. the bird, commonly called the Knysna Turaco is about 45cm from beak to tail. The most striking feature of this bird is its rounded white tipped crest. Its diet mainly includes fruits, insects and earthworms. It has a bright red short and sharply curved beak, the body is of light green color and the rear part is black colored. It has also got crimson plumage which can be seen when the bird is flying. Deep red eye-ring is another remarkable feature which adds to its beauty. A white line just under the eye is something that one can't miss. Its tail is quite long and heavy.

They usually live in pairs or small groups. it makes a hoarse and loud 'kow-kow' noise. One can't make out the difference between the male and female birds. The young birds have a shorter crest without the white tips. Turacos can be really good pets.

The Knysna Turaco is classified as Least Concern.

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