World's tallest tower with a twist!

1. Again Dubai bagged it. This 75 story skyscraper in Dubai, called Cayan Tower  has become world's tallest high rise building with a twist of 90 degrees.
2. Its construction started in 2006, was completed in 2013and opened in June this year.

3. It was named 'Infinity Tower' prior to its inauguration.
4. It is a residential building developed by Cayan Real Estate Investment & Development.
5. Each floor is rotated by 1.2˚ to achieve the full 90˚ spiral, creating the shape of a helix.
6. The tower also has residential apartments, conference rooms, tennis courts, pools, a state of the art gymnasium, a nursery and a spa.
7. The rooms of the tower are designed in such a way that it wouldn't be affected by direct sunlight due to titanium metal panels on cast-in-place concrete columns aided with repetitive staggered screen panels to stop penetrating sunlight from disturbing the residents of the unit.
8. Cayan Tower's apartments are designed with wooden floors, marble counter tops, and kitchen fixtures. The tower also includes a five story parking garage behind it.
9. The structure of the tower is inspired by the structure of human DNA. 
10. Each floor costed 272-million-U.S.-dollars for construction.
11. Developer Cayan Real Estate Investment and Development Company said 80 per cent of its residential units have already been sold.
12. Cayan Tower's dynamic twisting shape challenges conventional architecture and redefines standards of luxury.
13. Architectural Consultants were Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM), Local Consultants being Khatib & Alami (K&A) and the Main Contractor: Arabtec Construction LLC (Arabtec).

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